Aluminum Grain Box

Aluminum bodies are approximately 1/2 of the weight of a steel body.

Aluminum is less corrosive than steel which makes this a great hauler for fertilizer.

Aluminum body can be left in machine finish, polished, clear coated, or painted

Aluminum Grain Boxes

With the same superior design features as the Steel Monobody but built in a high quality Aluminum version.

These durable and versatile truck alumibodies feature one piece cross memberless floor, and are ideal for whatever job you have.

Alumibodies have the same options as steel bodies but are available in aluminum, such as:

  • 20 years experience in building Aluminum products
  • 3-piece aluminum grain gate with swing-out (removable) header bar—with grease zerks
  • Hydraulic aluminum high lift “Stealth” silage gate with grain chute door
  • Aluminum mechanical trip combination gate (Also Air trip gate available)
  • 1/4″ floor with solid seam welding
  • 1 piece rub rail and side wall to eliminate rusting
  • No ledges or edges for grain to get caught up in
  • No cross-members and therefore no mud hangup
  • 10″ and 12″ x 1/4″ tipping sills for complete floor support
  • 1/8″ Grade 5052 side walls and front eliminates grain traps and lodging
  • Easy to clean out
  • Minimum 3″ x 3″ tube frame top rails on sides and front
  • Minimum 3″ x 3″ tube rear and front corner posts on sides
  • Curved aesthetically pleasing strategic horizontal ribbing for unequaled strength on sidewall
  • Heavy duty rear rail
  • All LED lights and wiring are completely protected, all lighting inserted in protective flush rubber mountings
  • Tailgates door bottom lip come over and down bumper to prevent moisture seepage
  • Full width access when doors are swung open for unobstructed unloading
  • 3 piece swing-out gates and header bar (removable without tools in minutes)
  • Gates completely removable in minutes with no tools or pins
  • Large front window

Standard Specifications

Aluminum Monobody Grain Box

  • Aluminum 20′ x 64″ x 8’6″ with 3-piece gate weight = 1,740 lbs
  • 20′ x 64″ capacity: approx. 721 bushels


  • Stainless Steel gate hardware and grain chute
  • Grease-able gate hinges
  • Box lengths range from 19′ to 26′
  • Side heights of 58″, 64″ and 68″
  • Standard 1/4″ aluminum floor with solid seam welding
  • 1-piece aluminum rub rail and side wall
  • 1-piece 1/4″ trapezoidal tipping sill for complete floor support available in 10″ or 12″
  • 1/8″ solid aluminum side walls
  • Aluminum 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ thick tubular framed top rails, as well as side and front corner posts
  • LED light package including backup light and side marker lights, all in a complete sealed wiring harness
  • Underbody scissor hoist or front mount telescopic hoist
  • Minimum 23 gallon hydraulic reservoir—the biggest in the industry
  • Michels Industries— roll tarp with aluminum end caps


Gate Options

  • 3-piece grain gate with swing-out (removable) header bar— with grease zerks
  • Hydraulic high lift “Stealth” silage gate with grain chute door
  • Mechanical trip combination gate
  • Air trip combination gate

Common Options

  • Electric tarp (front or rear-mount)
  • Pintle package (plate or full hydraulic)
  • Michels wireless remote controls
  • Front folding step and grab handle
  • Cross box auger
  • Rear window
  • Rear flood lamps (interior and exterior)
  • Passenger side hoist control
  • Aluminum grain chute extension
  • Front post telescopic hoist / underbody hoist
  • Machine finished, Polished, or Painted Body
  • Trimline Decal Package
  • Box Splitter
  • Painted Aluminum Body