Steel Ag Tri-axle End Dump Trailer

Cancade CBI 5th Wheel End Dump Trailers come in a tapered elliptical / tub design with flat floor.

Available in Triaxle or Tandem configurations, with Steel or Aluminum versions.

Standard version comes with Hydraulic high lift gate.

Interior walls are completely smooth from top to bottom with no vertical posts, this eliminates any product hangup.

Steel Ag End Dump

  • Tub design with flat floor
  • 64” sidewalls tapered front to back
  • 1226 bushels capacity (wheat)
  • Standard High Lift Hydraulic Gate, or Standard 3pc grain gate available
  • Mid Mount Stabilizer (greater stability than the competition)
  • Mailhot Hoist
  • Automatic air bag deflation system when box is raised

Tub Body

  • 3/16” AR200 plate on tub style floor
  • 64” side wall height, tapered front to back
  • Full mudflap package and anti-sail hangers
  • Front mounted ladder
  • Sandblasted, epoxy primed and painted 2 coats poly-urethane
  • Durable glass pack coating up vertical side (outer)
  • Front post hoist
  • Roll tarp: Michel’s Industries
  • Various types of tailgates (3pc w/ swing out header bar, or stealth technology hydraulic lift silage)
  • Gate hinges and latch hardware greaseable
  • Heavy duty tipping sills and floor support


Frame Specifications

  • Holland two speed landing gear
  • SAF Holland 25,000 lbs. axles with disk wheels
  • Dust shields, backing plates, auto slacks adjusters
  • Mailhot telescopic hoist
  • 60” axle spread
  • 16” high strength steel I-beam frame, ultra-lightweight design
  • Holland CBX25 air ride suspension
  • Meritor/Sealco CMVSS 121 air brake system
  • Seven pole electrical, hydraulic lines and air lines to hitch
  • Grote LED lighting & harness
  • 22.5” tires on steel rims
  • Government safety certified
  • Sandblasted and epoxy primed and painted

Available Options

  • Aluminum rims (all or just outer)
  • 24.5 tires
  • Michel’s Remote controls for chute & hoist
  • 24″ Silage extensions (expanded metal)
  • Body paint color
  • Chassis paint color
  • Graphic options
  • 10″ Cross box auger
  • Floor liner