Cancade CBI 10" Cross Box Augers

Cancade 10 inch Cross Box Auger is hydraulically driven and connects up to existing trucks and controls with some slight modifications.

This auger eliminates the need for backing up to unload – just drive by the hopper

10inch Cross Box Augers

The auger has been tested to run at 108 bushels / minute (wheat) which will keep up to a 13 inch bin auger. See the video in the “Media” tab.

With the plastic side discharge chute, no backing up to unload is required – just drive by your hopper and dump.

Adding a Michel’s remote control with functions to the truck chute, truck hoist and the cross box auger saves time. What has been the jobs of multiple people in the past can all be done by one driver now when utilizing the Cancade CBI cross box auger option.

10″ Cross Box Auger Brochure