TankMaster Tank Moving Trailer

Designed for a safe alternative to moving oil storage tanks and similar containers

Included “patented” Hydraulic Arm to hold tank on cradle when raising and lowering

TankMaster Tank Moving Trailer

Innovative Design

The saddle of this trailer is topped by a hydraulic arm that reaches over and grabs the top of the tank. This arm can extend or retract and change its angle.

Once the top of the tank is secured, it is tipped over on its side, onto the cradle, ready for transport. This process is simple and effective. At the destination, the tank is raised, again without compromising worker safety.


Height Risk to Workers Eliminated

Due diligence. “An employer shall take all reasonable measures to institute engineering techniques, systems, work practices or administrative controls that eliminate or reduce to a practical minimum those hazards for which personal protective equipment would otherwise be required.”

No worker needs to climb on icy, rotten or unsafe roofs to tie chains, eliminating the confined space requirements of a second picker with man-bucket and safety watch.

No worker needs to work at heights requiring fall protection PPE.

TankMaster Specifications

  • 1434 wide flange I Beam chassis construction
  • 17.5” tires and Aluminum rims
  • 117” wide track axle
  • HT250 Hendrickson air ride suspension
  • Hitch at 17” from front of trailer
  • Hitch height at 4’4”
  • Hydraulic arm that can extend or retract and change its angle
  • Hydraulic arm eliminates need for employees to climb up and
    tie down with chains
  • Tandem and Tridem overall length of: 49’ 4.5”
  • Tandem axle weighs in at 19,245 lbs
  • Tri axle trailer weighs in at 22,148 lbs

TankMaster Options

  • Tandem or Tri-Axle Configuration all with ABS Braking
  • Self-Contained Power Options
  • Individual Axle Fenders
  • Additional Removable Saddles
  • Double Ladder Carrier
  • Variety of Paint Colors Available
  • Tool Box

TankMaster 1000 bbl

TankMaster 750 bbl