Cancade Belt Bottom Trailer

Belt Bottom Aluminum Trailer designed for potatoes.

The same solid welded construction as Cancade CBI’s Aluminum grain body with over 20 years proven track record.


  • Weight: 7,800 kgs as shown with 71″ sides
  • 53′ overall length
  • 11′ 7″ overall height
  • turkey roost
  • adjustable bulkhead
  • aerodynamic front
  • adjustable king pin
  • cushion straps
  • insulation and 11R 22.5 tires on aluminum rims
  • Can haul up to 78,000 pound legal payload with tri-drive truck and tri-axle trailer

Standard Equipment

  • Load sensing hydraulic pump
  • Folding guides on rear opening
  • Aluminum construction
  • Michel’s tarp
  • Air Suspension PSI gauge
  • SAF Holland CBX25 (25,000 lbs.) integrated air ride suspension and axle system with Walther Duralite Hubs and Centrifuse Drums
  • Haldex Auto Slack adjusters
  • Wabco 2S/1M, Premium ABS System
  • UHMW lined hopper sides and floor
  • Aluminum Sidewalls: 1/8″ 5052
  • Protected areas for electric motor, pump and valves


  • Truck or electric power or both
  • Heater element on reservoir
  • Movable bulkhead• Cushion straps
  • Insulation
  • Insulated tarp
  • Electric tarp
  • Graphics Package
  • Ladder and catwalks
  • Aerodynamic front addition
  • Side heights and/or extensions
  • Movable king pin for tri-drive or tandem trucks
  • Variety of tires and rims
  • Various side wall heights and lengths
  • Lift axles
  • Two speed hydraulic motor
  • Various light packages